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to one of the most important Internet sites for the collector of unusual and esoteric philatelic material. Tired of scouring dealers' show boxes for that special piece of postal history or elusive stamps? Then by all means, take advantage of the many exciting buying opportunities offered to you on this comprehensive site.

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Your Specialty

Let us help you build your collection. Soon you'll be able to register your specialty with us so we can advise you when appropriate material becomes available.
al-book5.gif (7047 bytes) For collectors looking for specialized collections, elusive stamps, proofs, essays, and especially postal history.
al-book4.gif (7090 bytes) For thematic collectors looking for specialized collections and stamps, postal history, essays, proofs, artists' drawings all related to a special topic or theme.
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We offer a wide array of books and other forms of literature for the specialist
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Our unique resources offer you a portal to the world of stamp collecting on the Internet.

Our Public Auctions are world famous for containing a wide and diverse array of unusual rare stamps, proofs, essays, and postal history. View lots and BID easily while you're online here at our site.
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Our Net Price Sales are perfect for the collector of more moderate means. Purchase from a large array of wonderful material in the $20-$150 price range.

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Our Web Auctions (located only here on our site) are another excellent opportunity for you ro acquire outstanding and unusual material in the more modest price ranges.

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We'll keep you up to date as new public auctions, net price sales and web auctions occur. Just enter your e-mail address below and press "Subscribe".

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