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Information For Bidders


In the right hand column of the catalog we have given our opinion of the market value of the lot. These are not reserves and lots may bring more or less than the evaluation.


Color scans of nearly all lots can be sent by email at no charge. Bids can be placed at any time via e-mail at...


COLOR PHOTOCOPIES of any Postal History lot can be obtained by sending $1 per cover and a stamped, addressed envelope. Black & white photocopies are 25 for two covers. If you wish photocopies of the reverse, please add $1 (color) per cover or 25 (black & white) for two covers. Photocopies of stamp lots, where feasible, can also be supplied. Our color copier makes superb reproductions but it does take two minutes per copy. Therefore, requests for more than 10 color copies are charged at the actual time plus cost basis and must be agreed to beforehand.


Lots can be sent for inspection to buyers known to us, or who supply adequate references, upon written application. All such lots must be returned to us by registered mail, adequately insured, and within 24 hours after receipt. The applicant assumes all responsibility for said lots from time of receipt until they are actually received back by us, and is to pay all expenses of postage and insurance. No lots can be sent for inspection within ten days of the sale date. Large lots and collections cannot be sent for inspection.


Late bids can be placed by phone up to one hour before the start of the auction at (310) 455-2300 or 1-800-445-4059.


When our offices are closed, a telephone answering device is in operation. You can call us at (310) 455-2300 any hour, day or night. To place bids, please give us:

Your name and complete address

Sale number and date

Slowly and carefully, your lot numbers and bids on each.

You can also give us a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express number and expiration date, if you like. Please do not forget to send us written confirmation of your bids by mail.


Bids can be placed at any time by using our FAX number: (310) 455-2303.

We will be glad to send by FAX copies of suitable lots. The costs will be charged to your account. Please note that most covers take approximately two minutes to send by FAX; overseas transmission costs are approximately $1 per minute to Europe and $2 per minute to Asia.

Due to these costs, we recommend sending your requests by FAX and having actual photocopies sent back by mail at the more nominal costs printed above. Please specify which method you prefer when making your request.


The following bidding intervals are used and mail bidders are requested to enter appropriate figures on the bid form.

Bids Advances

$50 to $150 $5

$150 to $300 $10

$300 to $700 $25

$700 to $1500 $50

$1500 to $3000 $100

$3000 to $7000 $250

$7000 to $15,000 $500

And so on at appropriate intervals.

Bids of unusual amounts (e.g. $101) are reduced to the normal level (e.g. $100) and do not take precedence over a similar bid unless received first.


Requests for prices realized will not be available until three days after the sale. Please help us by cooperating in this matter.