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maps.gif (30985 bytes) There has always been a great need among serious philatelists for important historical and contemporary maps. You will find this page to be a very comprehensive web links resource for thousands of important cartographical productions over the past six centuries.

Special Note:
Most of the websites listed here contain maps that you can either download to your computer's hard drive and/or print out. No matter what your collecting specialty---or your need to locate a particular map pertinent to your collection---there is an excellent chance you will find what you need by searching through the links you find here. We will be continually adding more map links to
this important resource page.

For Example, click on the images below to see full views of just a few of the
important maps available to you from the Library of Congress...

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The Western Hemisphere - 1562

Virgsmall.gif (13367 bytes)
John Smith's 1606 Map of Virginia
AtlasSmall.gif (10892 bytes)
The Agnese World Atlas, 1544
Clarksmall.gif (9836 bytes)
Merriwether Lewis Annotated Map 1803
MoSmall.gif (7443 bytes)
The Bend of the Missouri River - 1798

University of Texas' map library collection with its World Map Collection.
One of the most important map sites on the Internet.
Graphic Map's Free Cliparts of thousands of different kinds of maps
National Geographic Society's Map Machine Atlas. Maps  both political and physical
Yahoo's Regional: Countries with lots of map links
The very helpful City.Net Find a Map.
World Travel Atlas per country.
Swiss Earth and Moon Viewer
Time Warner's Pathfinder Magellan Maps for all countries. Also includes travel information.
The Virtual Tourist II Map with tourist resources and maps.
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: World . Satellite views that let you zoom in anywhere on the globe.
CIA World factbook all countries. Central Intelligence Agency

Western Europe
Photographs of Europe. Oxford university
University of Texas' map library collection of Map_collection/Europe/
Virtual Tourist - Europe
Travel guide and active map for the UK.
Oxford maps
European Home Page
European Union Home Page
A UK street map site

Eastern Europe
University of Texas' map library collection of Commonwealth maps of Eastern Europe
Maps of countries in Eastern Europe. Good overview. 
Russian sensitive map. (Useful but sometimes hard to access.)
Albanian country map also includes some of the surrounding regions.
An important map over the Baltic states including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


US Dept. of Commerce, geography's Tiger Map. Digital map coast to coast.
University of Texas' map library of State Map Sites (U.S.).
US National Atlas.
Excite Search Engine Map a US addresses.
Maps of highpoints called America's Roof. Links to other world highpoints.
The Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Encyberpedias´ US city and state maps. Lots of links for all states.
Maps at Carnegie Mellon University, PA.
University of Virginia's Geographic Information center.
Large array of maps for browsing and downloading.

University of Oregon Asian and Pacific Maps
CIA JPEG image of Asia.
Science University of Tokyo with Japanese maps.
Index of /Libs/PCL/Map_collection/middle_east_and_asia/

Australia / Oceania
University of Texas' map library collection of Australian maps

North American Weather Maps
American Weather Concepts (AWC) Home Page
INTELLiCast: USA Weather
Purdue Weather Processor
The Weather Underground Inc.
WeatherNet: Radar & Satellite Menu
Weather Maps
WeatherOnline! - Florida -

Important Historical Maps
The Heritage Map Museum
University of Texas' map library collection of Historical maps.
Bemonte's Historical maps of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
The map case
Britain 1360
WebMuseum: Map

Commercial Map Websites
Raven Maps of the US, US states and the world. Nice large and laminated maps.
Amazing map collection at
Buy maps, find map retailers at 4 maps.
Wide World of Maps, Inc. - Map Center & Gallery: - Entrance.
CIA Maps and Publications
MapQuest's huge MapStore
Go here to order many kinds of  US and world maps Online.
Adventurous Traveler Bookstore - Map List
Area Accurate Map / The Peters Projection
Map World
Maps on the Web
National Atlas Information Service


Other Kinds of Map Websites
This H2O site contains USGS National Water-Use Data - Water Use Maps
The Virtual Tourist World Map of WWW sites in the world
Map a US Address 
The Hubble Heritage Project with some pictures of planets and space
NASA Earth Observing System Project. Look for "Lots of facts".
Maps of geothermal power sites of the world (with facts).
Maps of European geothermal power sites.
Lots of links to maps and map related sites with University of California, San Diego.
Map-Related Web Sites
Oxford: Map room
International Map Trade Association.
Companies that create and sell maps, atlases and globes you use