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For The Serious Student of Philately...

indent1.gif (1250 bytes)hen you visit our ever-changing website, we invite you to return to this special page again and again to help you seek and find the vast storehouse of stamp collecting information you need to pursue your hobby. By all means, bookmark this page now. As we expand this important (and soon to be huge) section of the George Alevizos website, you'll want to return here often!

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Helpful aids and special sites to help you find any stamp collecting resource on the Internet.

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Some of philately's great rarities are illustrated here---many not seen elswhere on the net.

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Links to important philatelic and great national libraries to help with your research .

Post messages and become a part of the philatelic dialogue here on our site.

A growing resource on how to prepare award-winning philatelic exhibits.

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Links to all of the important national philatelic organizations and specialist groups.

This page will keep you up to date on various news about the George Alevizos auctions and other information.

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Want to learn how to scan stamps and covers? Just one of many helpful tips.

Articles by some of philately's top researchers and writers on a variety of topics.

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Philatelic and non-philatelic hyperlinks to sites of interest to all stamp collectors.

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Our calendar of all of America's national stamp shows---as well as international events.

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If you are planning to sell your collection, you need to consult this very special page.

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Special Internet links to sites where you may obtain background information on numerous important people.

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The Internet abounds with maps---from the earliest to the most recent. Here are links to major map sites.

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If you've ever visited a major museum you know what an important resource they can be for the philatelist.