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Finding philatelic resources on the Internet is generally as easy as clicking your mouse. Here are some "search engines" and informational sites which will take you to the world of stamp collecting on the web.


Philately's own search engine on the web.
One of the oldest and largest directories of philatelic websites.
delphi.gif (2475 bytes) Use the huge Delphi Stamp Collecting Forum to communicate with other collectors around the world and stay up to date on the latest events and activities.

The StampFinder Yellow Pages

Here you'll find links to thousands of philatelic websites in every conceivable category. Click Here.
jeeves.gif (3658 bytes) One of the most amazing sites on the Internet. Ask a question about any kind of subject (you name it!) and "Ask Jeeves" will get the answer for you!

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Go here to ask any conceivable kind of question about anything "philatelic". This is stamp collecting's "answer man" on the web.

Go to this giant search directory and key in "stamp collecting" for your search.