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user.gif (32522 bytes) The computer is a very powerful tool for the philatelist. Whether you are preparing a competitive philatelic exhibit using a special page layout program or need to scan and record full color images of items from your collection, there are things that only the computer can do for you. Here are some helpful links to websites that help you better utilize your computer in your hobby.


askphil.gif (6083 bytes) One of the most amazing philatelic sites on the Internet. Go here to ask any conceivable kind of question about anything "philatelic". This is stamp collecting's "answer man" on the web.
st-net.gif (3806 bytes) Philately's Internet Magazine where you'll find the latest hobby news as well as many other resources. You'll see news here that won't make it into the print media until much later.
delphi.gif (2475 bytes) Use the huge Delphi Stamp Collecting Forum to communicate with other collectors around the world and stay up to date on the latest events and activities.

Philatelic Computing Study Group

One of the most important things a computer-using philatelist can do is join this fine organization. Click Here.

Peter G. Aitken's Scanning Tips

Go to this site to find out how to scan images of stamps and covers and do it right! Learn from an expert. Click Here.

The StampFinder Yellow Pages

Here you'll find links to thousands of philatelic websites in every conceivable category. Click Here.
cialogo1.jpg (6671 bytes) An important resources for philatelic insurance for one's collections.
museum.gif (4362 bytes) Learn about the early design and production of postage stamps at this important site.
jeeves.gif (3658 bytes) One of the most amazing sites on the Internet. Ask a question about any kind of subject (you name it!) and "Ask Jeeves" will get the answer for you!

Software For

There are scores of software applications (like stamp inventory programs) that are designed for stamp collectors. Click Here.